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Apart from having a team of fully dedicated technicians who make it their top priority to ensure your home’s safety, our company boasts of having the best equipment for all garage door repairs. We make sure to use only the most updated tools to ensure that all repairs will be done properly and correctly. We make sure to send only the most dedicated and able technicians who are trained to complete any kind of door requirement you might have. In fact, all our door specialists are competent enough to be able to change any door parts from your rollers to your tracks. That way you can be sure that your house will always be in safe hands.

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Garage Door Opener Issue Fixed

My garage door opener stopped working the other day. I thought that I needed replacement so I called Garage Door Repair Jordan. I told them what happened and they asked if I wanted to have it checked first before purchasing a new door opener. I let them check the opener and I am so glad they found the reason and were able to fix it so I did not have to buy a new opener. I am very happy and thankful for the honesty and great service provided by this company. Without their help, I must have spent money purchasing a new opener when it was not needed.

Fast and Cost Effective Garage Door Service

I am happy with the new house that we purchased. It is beautiful, comfortable and homey. It also has a spacious garage and a very nice looking garage door. The family that first owned the place did a great job taking care of the property. However, I wanted to make sure that the garage door was working properly and safely so I hired Garage Door Repair Jordan. They had a general check on the garage door, which I am glad they did. They found out that the springs needed to be replaced. I had them replace the springs and also decided to get them for annual maintenance. Service was fast and cost effective.

Fixed Our Door

“I love our beautiful garage door and it has been working great for many years now, up until last Tuesday that is.  I had no idea what was wrong but the door kept reversing, so I decided to call Garage Door Repair in Jordan to come and take a look. One of their technicians came in less than an hour. It turned out the problem was with the photo eye sensors – they got misaligned. The tech explained that when this happens, the sensors think something is in the way so they don't let the door close. Really appreciated he took the time to explain it to me while he was working. He had them replaced on the spot. I couldn't ask for a better service."

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