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Learn more about the garage door which you have at home with the use of the information provided on our FAQ page. We have provided detailed and highly useful answers to various commonly asked questions to help everyone get better understanding of the unit which they have at home.

  • Can I fix every part in my garage door by myself?

    Not all garage door parts can be handled by inexperienced homeowners because some of them, such as the springs, can cause injuries if mishandled. Repairs and maintenance of the parts should only be done by homeowners themselves if they have proper experience and tools.

  • Can I use strong chemicals and bleach to clean my garage door?

    No. A mild detergent and warm water is enough to remove dirt and dust on the surface of your garage door. Strong chemicals can affect the paint job and the material itself and may shorten the lifespan of your door. Consult your owner’s manual to see what kind of cleaning products are suitable for your door.

  • What is layered garage door design?

    This design consists of a number of structural layers. There number of layers can range from one to five. The first structural layer is made from steel. The second one is a layer of insulation material. A third layer of steel can also be present. The fourth and fifth layers are usually PVC overlays.

  • What causes the door to keep reversing during closing?

    The most common cause of this problem is misalignment of the safety sensors. Our experts explain that the issue can also be due to dirt accumulation on the photo eyes or damage. Such problems may also arise from broken cable or bent track. If a new opener has been installed, its travel limits may have been set improperly.

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