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It is our goal to assist garage door users in every way possible. This includes the provision of valuable information and advice directly on our website where everyone can take advantage of them. Use the tips available in this dedicated section in the most effective way for maximum benefit.

  • Inspect the lift cables for fraying and cuts

    Start from the bottom and go up. Pay close attention to the sections at the bottom bracket button as they are exposed to considerable friction and tend to have a higher rate of wearing. Do the same with the sections around the drums. Watch out even for the smallest cuts. It is up to you to evaluate the condition of the cables. If it is poor, you should have them replaced right away.

  • Use the right lubricant

    Homeowners are often tempted to lubricate the garage door hinges, rollers or springs when noisy. However, our experts warn about the use of grease and WD-40. These are not advisable because they may lead to collection of dirt and failing garage door parts. There are lubricants specific to overhead doors.

  • Make sure rollers are fastened well

    Garage door rollers have a great responsibility since they carry the overhead door up and down and must travel in the tracks with accuracy. Otherwise, the door might come off or get jammed. Our diligent technicians always check that the rollers are well-fastened and sit well in tracks.

  • Follow all safety rules

    It's vital for everyone to follow all garage door safety rules. Such rules are related to electric garage door openers and their features but also to the way and frequency your garage door is maintained. Spring repairs must be avoided and sensors must be checked often.

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