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Garage Door Maintenance

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Every garage owner is responsible for providing complete garage door maintenance. This is necessary not only for the effective and convenient operation of the door, but for the safety and security of people and property. All system components require proper care and timely replacement when they get severely worn-out or damaged. Cleaning, panel painting and lubrication are among the main tasks which have to be performed along with inspection and testing. Everything is included in our professional service which is designed to save you time, effort and money.

Leading Specialists Providing Complete Care

Garage Door Maintenance in MinnesotaWe, at Garage Door Repair Jordan, are readily available to care for any system. Our technicians are highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. Even if you have the latest and most advanced Clopay garage door, we will know how to take perfect care of it. We use only advanced precision tools in our work to ensure that we do everything perfectly and in the most efficient possible manner.

All materials and spare parts which we use are of the highest quality. We use solely the best lubricants for lubrication maintenance. They comply fully with the requirements even of custom system manufacturers like Martin. We achieve perfect results thanks to our foolproof techniques. You will never have to put up with loud scraping sounds again. For achieving perfect peace and quiet, we tighten the garage door tracks as well. We can also replace metal rollers with nylon ones, which are not only quieter but more durable as well.

We are experts in providing garage door opener maintenance. Whether you have a chain drive unit from Chamberlain, a screw drive device from Genie or a belt drive model from LiftMaster, we will service it perfectly. We provide complete care plus re-adjusting of the force and travel limits, if required. We clean remote controls perfectly. We test the safety sensors and the reversal mechanism to confirm that everything is as it should be.

We inspect each and every component of the system and if we pinpoint a problem, we will resolve it without delay. Our core area of expertise is garage door repair and we know how to achieve top results fast. We have readily available spare parts and work extremely swiftly to provide installation. We can make any door system as good as new. We will take care of everything while you concentrate on your main priorities.

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